"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

- Rumi

Karin Yeung Matthews, BA, JD, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Certified EFT Therapist

Are you ready to heal past hurts, gain greater clarity about who you really are, and develop the ability to choose healthier ways of living and relating to others?

Are you tired of living for others? Are you tired of striving for achievements that seem to lose their appeal once you attain them?

I am passionate about supporting my clients in healing the pain of feeling like they were only rewarded for what they did as opposed to who they are. I help clients develop a stronger internal sense of self love and self appreciation in order to live more fully and congruently.

Are you facing a time of change or transition? Change is often accompanied with discomfort. Fear of the unknown is common. Grief over loss is also common. Sometimes, having a trusted therapist to help support you through the difficult times in your life can make a huge difference. For more information on me and my therapeutic approach, check out the About Karin page.

Are you feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns based on limiting beliefs about your self worth? Hakomi is a compassionate and experiential therapy that helps you uncover old beliefs that no longer serve you. Many of my clients find that Hakomi has helped them shift into a more compassionate way of being. Lifespan Integration can also be a powerful way of retrieving the parts of ourselves that we have left behind. My clients have found it particularly helpful in processing trauma and creating a coherent narrative of their lives.

Are you feeling haunted by old family rules or outdated beliefs that were developed when you were young? I offer Satir Therapy as a means of exploring the past and updating your beliefs in order to live more fully and authentically.

Are you uncomfortable in your own skin? Does a negative body-image prevent you from opening into the fullness of your passion? I offer a safe space for women to explore shame around their sexuality and support them in reclaiming the fullness of all that they are.

Are you overwhelmed by the impact of motherhood? Are you starting to worry about how you will be as a mother? Are you in the middle of the incredible stress of the “Fourth Trimester” and wondering if you are going crazy? You are not alone.

Are you looking for support in your relationships? My husband and I offer two-on-two couples counseling to help couples find ways to get unstuck and reconnect with each other. For more information on couples counseling, check out our page on Couples Counseling.