Lifespan Integration

Do you suffer from toxic self talk?

Do you have thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not worthy,” “I’m unlovable,” “The world is a dangerous place?”

If you were neglected or abused in childhood, it is common to have poor self-image and negative self talk.

How we interpret who we are and what the world is like was developed when we were young. As children, we found ways to help us cope with our suffering. Sometimes our coping strategies were so effective that they helped us have external success in our adult lives. However, for those of us who missed the love and security needed for healthy development, we often live with intense hidden fears of our inadequacies. These fears can fuel reactive defensive patterns that get in the way of having healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Lifespan Integration therapy offers a way to rewire the brain at a deep neural level to shift old defensive patterns and create new healthier responses to our present day reality. Through engaging in Lifespan Integration, you have the opportunity to co-create a coherent narrative of your life that will support you in building an internal sense of love and security. With a healthier self image, you will be in a stronger place to have healthy relationships in your life. For more information on Lifespan Integration: