Mother Blessing

Modern cultures commonly have ceremonies celebrating the birth of a child. The most common is the baby shower. However, the focus of a baby shower tends to be on the baby. The major shifts and changes that a woman goes through as she moves through pregnancy and birthing are not usually the focus of society’s attention.

The Navajo people celebrated a woman’s transition from maiden to motherhood through a sacred ceremony that they called a “Blessingway.” In respect for the Navajo, people from other cultures who derive inspiration from the idea of hosting a ritual similar to a “Blessingway” may use the term “Mother Blessing” to avoid cultural appropriation.

The idea behind a “Mother Blessing” is to focus attention on nurturing and supporting a woman as she moves through pregnancy and birthing. It can be an alternative to or in addition to the traditional baby shower.

Here are some websites that provide more information on this style of ceremony or ritual:

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