Seattle Asian Therapists

Agnes Kwong

Agnes is a strength-based, multicultural and social justice oriented therapist who integrates interpersonal, psychodynamic, systems, and feminist approaches into her work. She has expertise in working with the impact of oppression, cultural adjustment, Asian American mental health, bicultural identity, sexual identity and gender exploration, sexual trauma, non-monogamous relationships, and parenting transitions and concerns.

Lynette Jeung

Lynette works with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and many everyday life issues. She also works with couples dealing with relationship and communication issues. Her goal is to help you grow, gain insights into your thoughts and behaviors, and to ultimately guide you towards making positive and productive choices in whatever life decisions you may face.

Karin Yeung Matthews

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to succeed? Are you starting to numb your feelings in order to manage your struggle? Let me support you in developing self-compassion and the ability to live more fully and authentically. Are you struggling in your relationship? My husband and I work as a team to help couples find their way back to each other through Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Sophia Rath

Each of us carries a set of identities that are defined by unique and personal experiences. We also deal with life’s difficulties in various ways. Sophia’s priority is to affirm and understand your experiences so that together, we can move you toward empowerment, healing, and personal growth. Whether you are a couple struggling to recharge your intimacy, a survivor of trauma, or a college student trying to figure out what to do with your life, she’d like to help.

Angela Tam

Angela is passionate about offering counseling to Asian American women that struggle with anxiety/depression, family dysfunction, and racial identity/multicultural issues. She understands how anxiety/depression can come from being misunderstood or overlooked from your loved ones. If you find yourself wanting to work through some painful wounds in order to “move on”, you are at the right place.